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J. W. Anderson X Topshop

Seeing as a piece of the New York// London// Paris// Milan Fashion Week colliections is a very distant dream for a part-time post-grad waster, one is having to look slightly closer to home to excite ones fashion tastebuds. And that comes in the form of J. W. Anderson X Topshop. Never a fan of any type of high street collaboration, designer or otherwise (why would I pay £200 for a H&M dress Lanvin has stuck a label and a wad of chiffon to? I’d rather just save for a proper piece TA) I awaited Andersons offering with a grumble that had resided with me permanently since the bitter disappointment of the Pamela Love and Topshop hook up.

However, when arriving at my not-so-friendly local Topshop I was greeted with a catalogue of tasty, TASTY treats. Offering everything from lollipops and pencils through to duffle bags, quilted silk tee’s and, obvious but nevertheless amazing, glorious splashes of tartan, the 98 piece collection (Topshops biggest to date) FINALLY feels like collection that is a worthy sibling and accurate representation of a designers runway collections and design aesthetic. Here, quite self indulgently, are some of my top picks of a pretty solid collection.

1. Black Varsity Jacket


I have absolutely adored the varsity jacket trend, and to be fair, whole Americana feel this season but the varsity jacket has always confronted me with two main problems. A. For me, it’s a garment that, if you bought it cheap, it looks cheap. Y’know, some things you can get away with from digging out a cheeky sale bin or from under someones foot in Primark but I always felt the mark of a top varsity jacket was in it’s quality. Thick wool and a carefully embroidered logo always made me think vintage was the best way to go…UNTIL NOW. B. They always come in gaudy primary colours like blue, green, red or yellow and baby…that’s just not ok. Not only is this black, have a delicate Anderson logo but to top it off, have LEATHER sleeves?! It’s like it was made just for me (sigh if only it was studded)

2. Quilted Silk Paisley T-Shirt// Skirt

Anyone who knows me, knows I have been DESPERATELY searching for the good part of a year for the perfect match-y match-y outfit. Whether it be a shirt&skirt// shirt&trouser// shirt&shorts// blazer&trousers etc combo I just adore the idea of a two piece outfit combined to almost look like one…but not. It’s odd but has quickly become my obsession to find, and so far, with no luck. Like with variety jackets I always think a cheap print is easily distinguishable from that of a top notch one and with this being printed on silk, quilted and pushing £200 a pop for both pieces I do believe it has proved my theory right (however I do kinda wish the tee’s were more cropped…HAWT)

3. Tartan Wool T-Shirt// Trousers

Again match-y match-y and in tartan…quickly becoming my favourite kind of fabric, in particular the red variety. However, I do believe I would be more obliged to buy the trousers if they were more a tailored cigarette fit.

4. Bat// Eyes Hand Knit Sweater

I am TOO partial to kitsch knitwear. I mean seriously…I’m all over it. The only thing better than kitsch knitwear is kitsch Christmas knitwear. I’m talking bells, glitter and slightly peadophilic Santa’s. Anyway, these rock too.

5. Anchor Logo Slap Band

As a 90’s child these need no explanation (and evidently no picture). Awesome then. Awesome now.

The J. W. Anderson X Topshop collection will hit stores and online on the 14th September.

"She was an emotional hemophiliac. She couldn’t heal."

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you’ll remember that your mine
Baby can you see through the tears?
Love you more
Than those bitches before
Say you’ll remember, oh baby, say you’ll remember
I will love you till the end of time.
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